I am a current National Trampolinist and British Gymnastics L3 UKCC trampoline coach. I currently train at the Cambridge Cangaroos Trampoline Club in Sawston under head coach Tony Fagelman. I have been bouncing since I was six years old and have never fallen out of love with it.

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Competitive History

As a competitor I have bounced at regional and national levels. My personal best tarif score is 8.6 and my form record is 25.1. For a full list of my results and grade please see my Cangaroos Profile.

My ultimate aim is to enter at least one international and to master my achilles heal of a skill; the "half-in crash dive".

Cambridge Open 2014


I have coached for over nine years at recreational courses, schools, universities and trampoline clubs. I presently coach mostly club based trampolinist at Cambridge Cangaroos with the long term aim of coaching a future national champion.

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